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DayLily Acres Soaps

I wanted to take a moment to address our absence on social media and the temporary downtime of our website. I want to be completely transparent and share that we have been going through a challenging period since the end of the Renaissance fair. We experienced the loss of two close family members and had to say goodbye to our beloved mastiff, who had been with us for almost 15 years. Additionally, we have been dealing with various issues related to our goat herd, which has required a significant amount of my time and attention. As a parent and animal caretaker, my priority has always been to ensure the well-being of my children and animals. Soap Buddha has taken a back seat during this time. However, I am pleased to inform you that we are getting back into the swing of things and have many exciting things planned for the future. I want to express my sincere gratitude to all of you who have stuck by us and provided unwavering support for my dream. Your continued support means the world to me. Give me a few more days and the website will be back up Sign up for soapy updates to be notified when the website is back up. We also post updates on Facebook and Instagram.