Collection: Whipped Goat Milk Soap Scrubs


   So whipped sugar goat milk soap? We take our already amazing goat milk soap/Aloe Vera soap base and whip it up with more awesome ingredients one ingredient we add is Aragon oil and add then sugar… BOOM!!! What we now have what is the most amazing cleansy, exfoliating and moisturizing product. Great for showers, baths, and washing your overworked hands. A lot of my lady customers love to use this as a pre shave. Oh and did I mention they smell awesome. We also offer a coffee scrub that smells devine. We use local coffee grounds and Brown sugar.
   Our whipped soap and a sugar scrub is a light, airy, velvety smooth product that polishes your skin, cleans your skin, and rinses away with no residue. So what are you waiting for? Try some out today.

   We have them conveniently in 4 sizes from our tiny teaser (so go ahead and get yourself hooked 😉) to the giant scrub lover size for when you know you love the product and that scent go ahead and treat yourself to that monster size jar of awesomeness.


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Whipped Goat Milk Soap Scrubs